High Tunnels by Lorie Piel, 2009
  Mayneland Farm is located at the corner of Bauer Road and Mill Street in Naperville, Illinois.  

Welcome to Mayneland Farm!

With summer well underway, that means we have our delicious sweet corn being picked fresh every morning. We're also happy to announce we have those tasty Illinois peaches back in the farmstand this summer and they are tasty! We'll be keeping our produce page updated with what we'll have available, since we're expecting more fruits and veggies in the next weeks, like watermelon!

We are currently operating with our full-time summer hours. Check our Calendar for our new times.

Mayneland Farm has been growing and selling produce since 1976 and have specialized in growing them in high tunnels, which are similar to greenhouses but without any heat other than solar, since 1996. The plants are grown right in the ground under the single layer of a plastic cover. We also grow crops outside in a traditional manner. Presently we have 14 high tunnels which help extend our growing season, especially with early tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and cucumbers.

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